Who is eligible to enter the EPPYTM Awards?
The EPPYTM Awards are open to all media and media-affiliated websites. Only colleges and universities are eligible to enter the Best College/University Website categories.

What is the deadline to enter the 2022 EPPYTM Awards?
Entries for 2024 will begin on July 1st, 2024 with the deadline for entry on Friday, September 13, 2024. Editor & Publisher reserves the exclusive right to extend the entry deadline. Entries received after the entry deadline will not be accepted.

How are the EPPYTM Awards judged?
More than 40 industry experts and media specialists from the business and academic sectors judge the EPPYTM entries. Categories are judged on criteria such as design, ease of use, comprehensiveness, and timeliness, with special attention to each entrant's value added through the unique attributes of interactivity.

Each EPPYTM entry is judged on its own merits within a particular category.  Finalists must receive a score in the top one third of the average score across all categories within their division (1 million and over unique monthly visitors; under 1 million unique monthly visitors).  As a result, there may be no winners in categories not reaching this threshold.

The division you enter is determined by the viewership generated by the homepage of your media company’s main home page and not by how many users have downloaded your app or viewed your sports entry, etc. If you’re entering a podcast or a mobile app, the division you would enter would be based on what your main homepage generates.

How does one become an EPPYTM judge?  
If you are interested in becoming a 2024 EPPYTM judge, or would like to recommend a colleague, please contact E&P Publisher Mike Blinder: mike.blinder@editorandpublisher.com  or (406-445-0000 x1)

What is the difference between the "Best News or Event Feature" category and a "Best Investigative/Enterprise Feature" entry?
The Best News or Event Feature focuses on News or an Event (for example, COVID-19 the Muller Investigation, or the Presidential Election) whereas, the Best Investigative/Enterprise Feature refers to reporting that is not generated by hard news, but by a reporter or news organization that discovers the forces that shape such events - uncovering information that may not be apparent to the public, which may lead to revelations that bring to bear consequences to their everyday lives.

How many companies enter the EPPYTM Awards?
In a typical year, there are more than 400 entries representing more than 200 websites. Many submit several EPPYTM entries in various categories. And many submit one site, video, blog or APP into several categories.

When are winners announced?
Winners of the 2023 EPPYTM Awards competition are now posted on this site's home page at http://www.EppyAwards.com. 2024 winners will be announced on Friday October 25th, 2024 in the Editor & Publisher 7am EDT "Daily Exclusives" email. Also, a story will also be posted on EditorandPublisher.com. Winners will also appear on the home page of this Website: EppyAwards.com Sign up for the newsletter, here: https://www.editorandpublisher.com/newsletter-sign-up/

Who sponsors the EPPYTM Awards?
The awards are sponsored by Editor & Publisher Magazine, the authoritative, independent voice of News Publishing.. E&P has been the newspaper industry's trusted news source for over 140 years - combining comprehensive insight and global perspective.

Who should I contact for further information about the EPPYTM Awards?
For more information, contact E&P Publisher Mike Blinder at mike.blinder@editorandpublisher.com or (406-445-000 x1)