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The editorial mission of CARE News & Stories is to share unique, unforgettable human interest features and reporting from the 111 countries where operates. Since its inception in 2019, CARE News & Stories has focused on human-centered, visual storytelling from regions that are often overlooked in mainstream news. The platform aims to communicate shared humanity, bridge cultural divides, explore humanitarian work and ideas, and report on global poverty and the efforts to eradicate it. Each year brings new challenges and stories, from rising global food insecurity and climate crises to risks to the health and safety of women and girls, and wars, like those in Ukraine and Sudan. The linked stories, "Syria: The Things They Went Back For" and "Six Months After Being Buried Alive" are remarkable pieces of journalism that we believe fit in with the general excellence recognized by the EPPY Awards. We believe they deserve recognition for their superior execution of editorial objectives, innovative technique, and noteworthy enterprise. The third linked story from Lebanon shows a similar focus, but the wide reach of CARE's work. CARE Stories don't merely report on events but delve into the personal experiences of affected communities, bringing to the fore the human aspect of worldwide crises.
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