Faint Signs of Faith


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Faint Signs of Faith
ReligionUnplugged.com's parent non-profit, The Media Project, co-funds and co-operates a training week for young journalists in Prague, The Czech Republic, each July called the European Journalism Institute. It partners with Anglo-American University and The Fund for American Studies on this program, which draws students from all over Central Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Middle East, India and the Americas. The students and young journalists learn study writing, reporting and photojournalism with a theme of religion reporting during the week. They learn interfaith understanding and how to report on faith's different from their own. As a final assignment during the European Journalism Institute training week, the students must report about religion as lived in the Czech Republic, which is arguably the most atheistic country on earth. The two dozens students turned in some high quality reporting that explored Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam and atheism in the country. The resulting kaleidoscope of stories and reporting memos resulted in a 7-part series published at ReligionUnplugged.com during Christmas week 2023. The collaboration across cultures, languages, religions, nation states and websites demonstrates the power and possibility of crowd-sourcing, group reporting and using educational programs on religion reporting as a way to teach respect, civility and understanding in the modern world.
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