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Log-in/password for judges: judges@rawstory.com judger@story For nearly two decades, Raw Story has published essential breaking political news and commentary, read annually by millions of readers. We continue to do exactly that — as much and as well as ever. But during the past year, Raw Story has undertaken one of the largest expansions, both of its staff and reporting horizons, in its 19-year history. This includes creating a new team of investigative journalists and hiring a diverse group of contributors who produce incisive, reported commentary. Analysis and insight — along with plenty of wit and wisdom — is at the core of what we aim to accomplish in service to our readers. And never before has Raw Story produced a daily report with so much breadth and depth. The following four stories are representative of this work: In “0-for-1,523: Senators attempt to explain why they never punish other senators for ethics violations,” Raw Story analyzed 16 years worth of congressional records to reveal that the Senate Ethics Committee — charged with punishing senators and Senate staff for violations of federal laws or congressional rules — simply doesn’t do its job, even when faced with overwhelming evidence of transgressions. The investigation includes interviews with a pair of Senate Ethics Committee members who almost never discuss their work but did after the persistent questioning of Raw Story congressional correspondent Matt Laslo. “A deafening silence from Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s Black football players” is a deeply reported commentary from columnist Donnell Alexander who, in the aftermath of Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) making repeatedly racism comments, contacted dozens of Black football players at Auburn, where Tuberville used to coach. The result is a damning indictment not just of Tuberville, but college football culture that demands “highly-visible Black alumni must be seen and not heard when a Southern football mentor brings rationalized support of white nationalism to the public discourse.” For “Revealed: Feds banned this violent J6er from nuclear plants — but they still haven’t arrested him,” investigative reporter Jordan Green used the Freedom of Information Act and cultivated sources to reveal how a violent January 6 attack participant had continued to work at Tennessee nuclear power facilities for months after the attack. William Beals, Green reported, was ultimately banned from the nuclear facilities but, at the time of Raw Story’s report, not under arrest. Less than two months after Green’s report, federal authorities arrested Beals — news of which Green also broke. Green further broke news that Beals, while speaking before a judge during an initial court appearance, was released on bond after falsely claiming he needed to work his job at FedEx. Green confirmed with FedEx that Beals is not, and had never been, an employee. In “‘Protect them’: How S.C.’s honor-bound military college camouflaged its connection to Rudy Giuliani,” we offer a year-long, first-person account of how South Carolina military college The Citadel attempted to defend itself from the PR fallout of having granted former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani an honorary degree — then not rescinding it following Giuliani’s attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Through numerous interviews and internal emails and records obtained through a South Carolina Freedom of Information Act request, Raw Story describes how The Citadel — the most honor-bound of institutions — is effectively violating its honor code while allowing a disgraced politician facing felony charges to remain lauded as a role model for cadets.
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