Religious Persecution in India


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Religious Persecution in India
The journalists at Newsreel Asia are courageously reporting on religious persecution and discrimination in India that cuts several different ways including oppression of lower caste Dalits, also known as "untouchables," from Sikh and Christian faith communities. Newsreel shows the toll that marginalization, oppression and persecution takes on human beings from different faith communities. Their videos show the destruction that discrimination and hatred causes to the perpetrators as well as to the victims. The reporters at Newsreel Asia come from a variety of faith backgrounds but are able to take a professional lens in their reporting about Hindu nationalism and the BJP party of prime minister Narendra Modi. The reporters on the ground at Newsreel Asia have been documenting the atrocities in a way few to no other media outlets are doing. When the BBC reported on Modi's hindu nationalism and its effects, widespread conflict ensued. Many Americans and international readers may not be aware of the dramatic oppression in India imposed by some in the majority Hindu faith upon minorities from other faiths. The world should know about this oppression similarly to how it must know about oppression in countries where Christian nationalism or Islamism dominates politics or culture. These correspondents in India watched and reported on a budding genocide in Manipur, India, where ethnic and religious conflict is leading to hundreds of places of worship being attacked, dozens of people brutally killed and innocent women paraded naked through the streets and gang-raped. Only viral footage of the latter seemed to make the news in the west. Our journalists at and Newsreel Asia put themselves in harms way to document the atrocities in Manipur with video and text reporting, serving as witnesses to the world about what is happening. contracts with Newsreel Asia to provide design, video and audio editing services for The two outlets have a content sharing agreement. And helps to sponsor and amplify the reporting of Newsreel Asia. The outlets reporting and collaboration is a hallmark in the modern world for truth telling and public service journalism.
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