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STAT homepage redesign
This year, STAT launched a new homepage complete with a new site nav bar and brand color. This three-part redesign established a new “storefront” for our product and brand and resulted in a 10% increase in page views initiated from the homepage. 1 - New Brand Color. Our brand color is a darker and slightly more blue shade of teal, which ensures we are meeting accessibility standards for the web, but also conveying STAT as an authoritative and trustworthy brand. 2 - New Homepage. The new homepage surfaces more of our news content, but also more of what we do now beyond news, such as events, reports, and data products. The new page design also lays the groundwork for us to provide a more personalized experience for users, such as reordering content based on user interest and the ability to follow authors and topics directly from the page. Aesthetically, the new homepage uses a minimalistic design style to create a sleek and polished look that’s on par with the quality of our journalism. 3 - New Nav. A new site header nav completes the look of the new homepage and serves important functional and strategic purposes to better serve our users and our business. Our core news categories, which our analytics show get the most engagement, are placed prominently within the main header bar followed by a rotating link that will change every few months to promote our ongoing business initiatives. We’ve also added a "mega-nav" — a large expanded menu that can be accessed from what we affectionately call the hamburger button. This gives us space to feature links to many more sub-topics and pages, with more flexibility to add and remove links depending on how our coverage evolves. The links included in our entry show the new homepage; a letter to readers from Co-founder & Executive Editor Rick Berke explaining the reasons for our new look and color; the previous homepage design; and a GIF showing how our homepage has evolved since our launch in 2015.
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